Vision... Collaboration... Results!

Our management and staff have experience working at all levels within organizations, from executive management to craft personnel.
Moreover, we have had broad exposure to the challenges of installing data and voice systems and networks on a world-wide basis. Our experience is used to assure that the systems chosen are implemented in a manner that best fits your business objectives and methods of operation.

The Best Of Professionals

Robert D. Stoutenburgh


Kelsey W. Hill

Executive Director

Douglas Snyder

Operations & Engineering

Jason S. Thompson

Security & Applications

Don Ahearn

Process & Data Management

William A. Sullivan

Hospitality Systems

Our Philosophy

  • Concern For Your Business
    Effective business performance depends upon integrating all facets of operations including the technology systems. Telecommunications services are the key element to overcoming the obstacle of technology integration. Integrating services fosters communications through-out the organization and across all locations, bringing new energy to the operations environment.
  • Our multi-disciplined staff provide the experience and knowledge needed to tackle the organizational issues while providing the critical insight required to address the multitude of technical considerations relating to integrating your technology systems.
  • We provide you with the comfort of knowing that your systems address the needs of your organization and fit, seamlessly, to provide the most effective features and functions demanded by your organization's need for efficiency.
  • We focus on your requirements, assisting with selecting equipment and services that will support achieving your business goals and objectives. We do not install technology. We provide solutions that are often based on the creative use of your organization's internal skills combined with information transfer technology.