Telecommunications Systems should contribute to your bottom line!

Today's business environment has increased management's focus on cost and competition.

Through utilizing recent advances made in technology, the objective of providing high quality services can be achieved while still meeting cost and competitive pressures. Telecommunications services should be playing a key role in addressing this challenge. Dramatic changes (5% to 10% typical) can be made to both costs and revenues through:

  • Reducing Cost of Service by cancelling unused services and combining others
  • Improving local and remote access to critical business information
  • Accelerating the flow of that information
  • Increasing the accuracy and speed of financial transactions.

Telecommunications systems and services are the life blood of business operations. Creative use and applications of these systems and services can infuse your organization with new energy and enthusiasm.

Future Technologies can assist you with identifying and determining your needs.

Those services that offer your organization the greatest advantage. We subsequently assist with developing equipment & services requirements and the appropriate financial models relating to selecting, installing and operating the systems.

Our clients find that we help them to:

  • Recover from unexpected failures or loss of facilities
  • Develop customised testing and assessment methodologies to fit your business model
  • Avoid costly design & selection mistakes
  • Understand what will not be included
  • Prepare the financial models prior to decision time
  • Meet schedules without service disruptions
Future Technologies professionals can quickly assess your needs and provide direction on critical issues including:
  • Implementing VOIP Access service to half the cost of access and provide free office to office calling
  • Reducing other basic telephone expenses for long distance, local service, equipment and on-going maintenance
  • Auditing cost of current services and recommending changes in operations to eliminate unnecessary services
  • Improving the connections between central systems, departmental systems and personal computers, as well as their applications
  • Reengineering networks to speed information flow among local and remote departments

Would your business benefit from:

  • Disaster recovery & contingency planning
  • Better customer access
  • Improved inventory control
  • Faster order processing

Simplifying access to services inside and outside the office, and raising productivity through:

  • Increasing staff acceptance
  • Adding new capabilities
  • Improving operational performance
  • Enhancing current services
  • Speeding information flow between offices