Federal & State Government
State and local governments have a unique management, control and approval structure. They also have strict regulations relating to information security its application and enforcement. Our staff has the experience and expertise to support these individual requirements including the appropriate security clearances and certifications.
We have experience and ex-military personal who are fully conversant in the specialized needs of the various branches of the service and also have experience with the specialized Department of Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP) security controls and the Certification and Authorization (C&A) process and documentation.
Hospitality presents interesting challenges due to the high level of integration among it computer systems and application. Guest expect personalized service and recognition wherever they may be on a property, including languages, meals and events scheduling. These unique requirements limit system and networking choices to a few devoted suppliers.
Energy & Processes
Energy and processing operation often require large processing support with extreme responsiveness to avert dangerous situation. Also designing and developing the refineries and other process management system often require multinational support with specific offices contributing a narrow set of expertise to the overall design. We have experience in designing the support for these multination development operations.
Healthcare, like hospitality relies on a complex set of integrate system. The difference is that these systems have to focus on accuracy and speed, since patient outcomes are at stake. We have experience with designing and implementing healthcare networking systems, including service enhancements to both reduce casts as well as improve reliability and functionality. Our experience with supporting military and government operations enhances our ability to design and deploy required Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA) compliant solutions.
Commercial operations focus on systems functionality to support the highest return on investment. We apply our performance management and optimization tools to identify opportunities. We assist by facilitating improved information sharing and collaboration to raise productivity levels and reduce time to market for new systems and services.