The quality of the installation is equally important as the systems or services selected.

Acquisition Assistance

Professional support for systems acquisition is provided by:
  • Negotiating performance guarantees
  • Facilitating contract negotiations
  • Identifying and evaluating leasing alternatives

Project Management & Supervision

Careful supervision of systems installation is provided by:
  • Utilizing project management systems to monitor tasks and milestone achievements
  • Assisting with the development of physical specifications for HVAC, cabling, back-up power, alternate routing, etc.
  • Supervising: layout of computer and telephone communications facilities, carrier services & routing, network monitoring, achievement of acceptance criteria
  • Developing wiring and distribution specifications and marking plans for terminal, PC, and telephone set placement

Installation Management

Costs are controlled and schedules are met by utilizing automated planning tools and close vendor coordination and control. Subsequent to installation we provide a full physical and operational audit.