Management Services


Together with management and staff, your organizational objectives are reviewed and quantified. An assessment is made relating to the operational impact of your telecommunications systems. Strategic & tactical plans are then formulated to maximize the utilization and effectiveness of your current and proposed telecommunications resources.


Physical and operational audits of your telecommunications equipment and services are conducted to:
  • Tabulate total voice, data & video communications costs
  • Assess billing accuracy, identifying errors
  • Document communications applications and methods
  • Identify cost reductions and revenue improvements
  • List areas for operational improvement, such as, busy lines, no answers, slow computer response time, lost data, etc

Operations Analysis

We assess the methods of applying telecommunications services to your critical applications and make recommendations for changes to enhance:
  • Customer Service
  • Cash Management
  • Order Processing
  • Financial Reporting
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Planning & Budgeting

Methods & Procedures

Internal controls are evaluated to assure that the selection of, and investment in, telecommunications equipment and services are supportive of your long-term corporate goals. The assessment considers service, financial and competitive issues and provides recommendations relating to:
  • Areas for improvement in cost controls and accounting,/li>
  • Tools to boost staff productivity
  • Actions needed to improve corporate efficiency
  • Ways to improve customer services