Recent and On-Going Projects

Selection, Design and Deployment

Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center

Gaylord Entertainment constructed a new 2000 room $2B hotel and convention center in Oxon Hill, MD, just across the Potomac from Alexandria VA over the period of 2006 - 2008. The Gaylord National Hotel and Convention Center uses state of the art communications Nortel Telephony and Cisco networking systems including connectivity through a fiber based 622 Mbps optical ring (OC-12) to support all of its voice, data and internet services. Extremely high reliability is required of all of its services, with alternate routes and systems installed to assure the highest level of guest services.

FTCG was assigned the role of taking the designs created by Gaylord and its vendors and providing project management supervision and when required, reengineering, for the complete deployment, testing and acceptance of the systems. Importantly all of the systems had to have design modifications created and executed by FTCG during the installation process to overcome, legal, physical and technical challenges. The systems included:

  • Voice, Data, Internet and Video communications access systems, including design installation and configuration of the OC-12 access services which support automated services failover for all of the voice, data, video and internet services to provide six 9s reliability.
  • Complete physical and technical Infrastructure for wide area (macro) and internal to the Hotel (DAS) cell phone services supporting AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon, including HVAC, power and transmission distribution layouts.
  • Multichannel trunked radio system supporting Hotel Security, Engineering and other operations.

Unique challenges had to be met to provide services in time for the Hotel's opening date. The challenges were caused by construction delays which gave guest rooms priority over infrastructure deployment. Temporary services had to be installed, and remained in place for a number of months after the Hotelís opening at the end of March 2008, to assure high quality guest services. Moreover, the ongoing installation work had to be transparent both physically and functionally to guests and operations personnel regardless of their means of communications.

After opening, additional service issues were identified with the quality of the Hotel's internal cell phone services provided through a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) that required a complete redesign to add three additional carriers to the system. The redesign and implementation was finally complete and accepted in June 2009, more than one year after opening.

We are continuing to support both operations and additions to the Cellular services including T-Mobile and Verizon DAS services additions and Sprint, Cricket and Clearwire macro installations. Moreover, a complete DAS redesign to support 4G services is underway which will transform the internal cell services performance is being deployed.

Moreover Sprint has now decided to implement its macro services on the Hotel's rooftop. The design has been accepted final contract negotiations are underway with an early 2013 deployment expected.

FTCG previously managed the rooftop deployment for the current rooftop carriers which include:

  • AT&T
  • Cricket
  • Clearwire
  • T-Mobile, and
  • Verizon

Critical to the on-going deployments has been gaining the carriers cooperation and agreement on cell antenna placements that would not cause interference.

System Assessment


The Library of Congress provides extensive print, video and other information resources to both the federal government and the public. Providing the support requires rapid internal communications as well as support for local onsite-connectivity though a Distributed Antenna System then transmits cellular services within the three local and one remote campus building. The current system were designed and installed a number of years ago and no longer can provide the service required due to their limited speed, access within the buildings and technology support.

Our current effort is providing:

  • An assessment of the current services,
  • Definition of the replacement functional requirements, and,
  • The Design Requirements for the new system(s) using the IB-wave tool
  • Development of a Performance Work Statement for inclusion in the solicitation.

Operations Support


FTCG is currently the Prime Contractor for providing 24/7 on call support for the telephony and voice mail operations for:

Our current effort is providing:

The Naval Medical Clinic
Corpus Christie Texas
3 different locations
The Marine Recruit Depot,
Parris Island, SC - 4 Systems

Network Operations


  • Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency (DARPA)
  • Department of Justice
  • Treasury Department, and,
  • US Air Force Services Agency

are somewhat sensitive and will not be discussed in this medium.