Telecommunications Systems Selection & Installation

Your telecommunications systems are composed of many different components that are expected to function in harmony. Our responsibility is to assure that all of the components work together, providing you with a 'complete' solution. To achieve this goal, our selection and implementation assistance covers many diverse areas including:
  • Voice, Data & Video Systems
  • Video & Teleconferencing Services
  • Local & Wide Area Networks
  • Metropolitan Network Services
  • ISDN Services
  • National and International Networks
  • Wireless Systems
  • Messaging & Paging
  • Cabling Systems
  • Network Usage Billing Systems

Requirements Definition

Systems will only function well if they meet the needs of the end user. We take the time to develop technology requirements based upon how you want to run your business. We convert those 'operational' needs into requirements that the selected technology systems must meet, including:
  • Financial
  • Up-Time
  • Performance Measures
  • Service Response
  • Operating Features
  • Integration Capability

System Selection

We assure the proper selection of systems through:
  • Developing comprehensive and thorough specifications
  • Preparing professional bidding documents (RFP/RFI)
  • Providing a comprehensive technical analysis of responses
  • Documenting financial and operational impact of alternatives